We at Sandberg love stripes. Wide stripes, narrow stripes, lengthwise stripes, widthwise stripes. That’s why we’ve collected our most popular and appreciated stripes in one book. We’ve chosen to print the stripes on non-woven material so you can do whatever you want. Lengthwise or widthwise, it’s up to you. Welcome to Sandberg’s world of fabrics and wallpaper.
  • WP Carl Gustaf (NW)
  • WP Fabian (NW)
  • WP Helen (NW)
  • WP Hilda (NW)
  • WP Lisen (NW)
  • WP Magnus (NW)
  • WP Ramona (NW)
  • WP Ulrika Eleonora (NW)
  • WP William (NW)

Borders in the collection:

  • No borders in the collection.

Textiles in the collection:

  • No textiles in the collection.