Our Cecilia collection (non-woven) appeals to those who are looking for the cosy, homey feeling we call softly modern. We've emphasised the Scandinavian light without compromising on comfort and warmth. Historical influences in combination with Scandinavian simplicity have served as our inspiration. We chose to work with both completely new patterns and original patterns, this time even some from the early 18th century. All the patterns have classic roots, warmly interpreted by Sandberg. The patterns, in combination with the mild colours, fit all the rooms of your homes. As a complement to Cecilia, we've produced the Anna-Maria botanic collection of curtains with printed flower patterns.
  • WP Amelie (NW)
  • WP Annie (NW)
  • WP Annika (NW)
  • WP Arvid (NW)
  • WP Cecilia (NW)
  • WP Fabian (NW)
  • WP Frank (NW)
  • WP Irma (NW)
  • WP Lotta (NW)
  • WP Paula (NW)
  • WP Ragnar (NW)

Borders in the collection:

  • No borders in the collection.

Textiles in the collection:

  • No textiles in the collection.