New patterns in Ofelia fabric collection

With Ofelia we are giving you the chance to browse all our printed furnishing fabrics. 
 Our classic furnishing fabrics such as Leonard, Clotilde, Greta and Asta are now 
 joined by four completely unique designs drawing on the world of nature. 
 The blossoming lemon trees of Amalfi bring Mediterranean cheer to any space, 
 making it their own. Luxuriant fig branches in Ofelia partner the beautiful trees 
 of Raphaëla and Ian's mellow floral stripes. The colour palette of the fabrics matches 
 our wallpapers and the rest of the collection, inspiring a desire to create a 
 welcoming home and a sense of harmony in all types of rooms and spaces. 
 Fabric Amalfi 
 Fabric Ofelia 
 Fabric Raphaëla 
 Fabric Ian