Villa Harmonica - new collection

The Villa Harmonica collection is a range of wallpapers for homes and spaces with charm 
 and a spirit all of their own. 
 Designs that will decorate your walls for a long time to come. Designs whose simplicty 
 creates an atmosphere in the space without taking over. Here original designs in updated 
 colourways go hand in hand with entirely new patterns with a sense of nostalgia. 
 The philosophy is classic, inspired by a charming house in Gothenburg's historic 
 Kungsladugård district, home to our design studio. 
 Quality non-woven / launch 15 of December 2011 
 Wallcovering Iris, sofa fabric Ian / design Karolina Kroon 
 Chair fabric Raphaëla / design Sissa Sundling 
 Wallcovering Rakel and Golf / design Sissa Sundling 
 Wallcovering Pelle / design Karolina Kroon 
 Wallcovering Alexandra / design Alexandra Maggs