Wedding celebrating

To celebrate the wedding of Her Royal Highness Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Västergötland, to Daniel Westling, we at Sandberg Tyg&Tapet AB wish to extend our congratulations in the form of new textile and wallpaper patterns. 


 Our new textile, Drottningholm, to be printed on gold shimmering woven raw silk, is out attempt to portray the heritage and personality of our Crown Princess. 

 We see Crown Princess Victoria as secure and truly at home in her role as the heir to the Swedish crown and a representative of Sweden. She is cultured, beautiful, modest, elegant, and endowed with both good taste and a fine sense of humour. The Drottningholm pattern also includes Victoria's childhood home of Drottningholm Palace, as well as the emblem of King Charles XIV. 

 The pattern is based on a picture drawn by August Lindegren, the Swedish architect and draughtsman, who was appointed in 1894 to be the architect in charge of Drottningholm Palace. 

Design: Sissa Sundling 



 This wallpaper, with its verdant meadow full of lilies of the valley, creates a warm, picturesque feeling, thanks to the craftsmanship of its surface printing technique. The pattern is our congratulations to Daniel Westling, a man of the people, who will soon be awarded the title of Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. 

 Liljekonvalj is the Swedish word for lily of the valley, a wonderfully fragrant flower that blooms in early summer, and is especially appreciated. The lily of the valley is also the official flower of Gästrikland, the province where Daniel's hometown of Ockelbo is located. 

 This flower is folksy, genuine, humble and honest, which accords nicely with our opinion of Daniel. Blooming in May and June, these beautiful, dainty little bells decorate our wooded hillsides and groves, and bring to mind nostalgia, summer, love and weddings. 

 I am a rose of Sharon, 
a lily of the valleys. 
Like a lily among thorns 
is my beloved among the maidens. 

From the Bible, Song of Songs 2:1-2. 

 Design: Karolina Kroon