Sandberg Friends

Businesses need the right friends too

Sandberg does well in many settings, and we are especially happy when we work with companies with whom we have a great deal in common. In our case, this can mean various forms of design collaboration. We print wallpaper for companies such as GANT, Lisa Bengtsson and Svenskt Tenn. We also enjoy a close relationship with Kvänum Kök, which uses our textiles and wallpaper in their exhibitions.

We enjoy working with these companies because all of us share similar views of what is good and worthwhile in life. Just as we do, they share their customers' conviction that one's home is worth some extra effort.

  • Kvänum


    Kvänum has been creating kitchens and storage areas ever since 1923. With a clear sense of craftsmanship and a focus on details, this company has repeatedly produced prize-winning furnishings and fittings in both conventional and innovative styles.

  • Malmsten

    Malmstenbutiken is the place where Carl Malmsten's timeless classics meet the creations of a new generation of designers.

  • Norrgavel

    Norrgavel is the only Swedish furniture company with a consistent eco-cycle philosophy. All its furniture bears the Svanen Nordic ecolabel. The goal of the company is to create furniture with exquisite form and genuine handicraft feeling at a price that many people can afford. Furniture to live with.

  • Vandra Rugs

    Vandra Rugs offers handwoven rugs that combine design and handicraft knowledge. The rugs are made to order and are woven to your specifications on colour, shape, size and pattern. All rugs are woven with the rag-rug technique exclusively using the highest quality natural materials cotton and linen on traditional floor looms.