Sandberg and the environment

environment environment environment

Our strongest solvent is water

Sandberg protects the environment by refusing to use any ingredients in its manufacturing that can potentially harm the environment or cause allergies. By using only environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing methods, we create products that are free from softening agents, fluorocarbons, PVC and other chlorinated plastics. No solvents other than water may be used at, or even brought into, our factory in Ulricehamn.

Although we don't yet know all the answers relating to environmental issues, we have decided to ask all the important questions.


Sandberg Tyg & Tapet AB shall conduct an active and self aware environmental standard that is continuously scrutinized and improved. Our ambition is to conduct our craftsmanship so that the environmental impact is as minute as possible. Energy and raw materials should be used as effective as possible, and we always consider environmental effects. To achieve this we strive to maintain high competence, high awareness and participation of all our employees. We follow the laws together with other demands and regulations that our manufacturing is subjected to. This policy is promulgated to all our employees and is always considered in how our daily work is done.